Triple Interceptor Waste Removal and Cleaning

Triple Interceptor pits are normally found in locations such as car washes, petrol stations and mechchanical workshops. You may also find them in car-parks and are used to intercept oil and petrol contained in the storm water run-off.

The purpose of a triple interceptor is to separate water coming from the drainage system from any contaminants such as fuel, oil, silt, dirt and brake dust. Over a period of time these contaminants will build up within the interceptor and can cause blockages or increase the risk of flooding. This in turn increases the risk of these pollutants contaminating the local environment.

Interceptors Emptying & Maintenance

If your interceptors are not maintained regularly, there is the potential of environment non- compliance, leading to polluted rivers, streams, and groundwater. Regular Interceptor / Separator emptying and cleaning is an important part of planned maintenance stragery which helps keep any site running efficiently, whilst remaining compliant and avoiding any environmental incidents and drainage problems.

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